New Brachycentrus Fly – needs a name

I fell in love with this chimney built caddis house when I learned about them with my husband Eric doing research for his Anglers’ Entomology Podcast episode #21 about Caddisflies.  I wanted to find a way to imitate what you see in the first photo.  The Brachycentrus

The real Brachycentrus

became my new quest to tie.  Most important characteristic to copy was the square chimney shaped housing.

Here’s how I did it-First, place glass beads, green and black , or just black or brown if you want, for the protruding abdomen and thorax/head onto the hook shank and form a base of thread to the rear of the hook.

The fun part next-take a thick turkey quill, cut and split down the middle.  The pith is then pressed in, forming a notch.  The hook shank is placed in that notch, with a piece of quill on either side of the hook, super-glued in.  I then use permanent marker to color the thread orange, adding dark brown and olive green spots randomly onto the orange thread.  That, wrapped around the quill, gives the square Brachycentrus case.   Then I use the turkey quill fibers, torn from the quill to give that little foot, as the legs.  Last I coat the thread body with a thin layer of a head cement to soak in.  I tried a thin layer of UV resin, but it made the case a round shape rather than keeping the square shape.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 3.46.40 PM
Selene’s Brachycentrus

I still tossed those in my fly box but prefer the Veniard Cellire best.  If you have a clever name to suggest for the little introvert, send me a message.









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