New Fly Creations and Events

Do you have the itch to fish as much as I do? March 9- Saturday 2019 is upon us.  There are lots of upcoming events that New England anglers will be interested in. I will be tying at the Merrymeeting Bay March Brown Madness.  Isn’t that a great name for an event? It is the TU chapters third annual winter event to combat Cabin Fever which will include Bob Romano discussing the Rangely Region, fly tying instruction by a variety of myself and Justin Crouse, a silent auction, and more. Refreshments will be available and I heard a rumor about donuts too.  It is open  9:00 AM-noon at Coastal Enterprises Inc., 30 Federal Street, Brunswick Maine.

One thing that makes that event so great is that it takes place the same morning as the Fly Fishing Film Tour that happens at the Frontier restaurant almost across the street beginning at 1 PM.  It’s a full day of fly fishing stuff to do! That event is sponsored by FFIM.  There is an iron fly competition and vendors as well as the movie.

Wait there’s more!  On March 16 there are a number of significant events to draw your attention that day if you are into fly fishing.  May I humbly suggest that you attend the Western Maine Fly Fishing Show in Bethel, Maine at the Gould Academy Gym from 9-4.  This show is my favorite of the year to attend as a vendor.  It is the only show exclusively focused on fly fishing and sponsored by fantastic people of the Mollyockett TU chapter.  I will be there with my husband Eric Frohmberg representing his podcast Angler’s Entomology.  We will be showing live bugs and my newest creations of fly patterns that match the bugs that we find in Maine waters like “The Suspender,” as shown below.  Learn about the creature it represents, which is not a shrimp, where it lives and how to fish it to land lunkers.  Come to the Bethel show to learn more!








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