Name Announcement- Selene of Maine

Many of you know me in my role as an angler and a fly tyer as Selene Dumaine.  Some of you may know that I married Eric Frohmberg, love of my life,  a few years ago which put me in a predicament when it came to last names.  Thanks to Graydon and Leslie Hilyard, I... Continue Reading →


New Fly Creations and Events

Do you have the itch to fish as much as I do? March 9- Saturday 2019 is upon us.  There are lots of upcoming events that New England anglers will be interested in. I will be tying at the Merrymeeting Bay March Brown Madness.  Isn't that a great name for an event? It is the... Continue Reading →

New Brachycentrus Fly – now known as the “Brach”

I fell in love with this chimney built caddis house when I learned about them with my husband Eric doing research for his Anglers' Entomology Podcast episode #21 about Caddisflies.  I wanted to find a way to imitate what you see in the first photo.  The Brachycentrus became my new quest to tie.  A most... Continue Reading →

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