A Shared Endeavor with “Wiley Trout”

raindow trout to fly

A wood Carver and trout enthusiast, Jim Wiley, is a kind hearted southern gentlemen that I came across on face book and began following as he would release pictures of his beautiful artful carvings.  Trout emerge from pieces of driftwood that he finds near his home in Tennessee or from chosen pieces of wood that he selects depending on the characteristics that he seeks for the piece.



I thought it would be neat to use his carvings to display my flies and vice versa.  In that way we could support each others endeavours and in different geographical regions. How it really happened is that he posted a photo of a carving that really “spoke to me.”  I was inspired by a particular trout that reminded me of a “ghostly” image in that the whole trout body is not see20729015_1890492327890964_6322694750053676752_o.jpgn yet hidden in an artful way behind the wood in the midsection of the trout.  I immediately thought of the Gray Ghost fly of Carrie Stevens’ and how the two would compliment each other in spirit if not in art form.

I sent a message to Jim and introduced myself and after some dialogue back and forth Jim decided to send me two carvings, one being the “one that spoke to me.” and the other another trout for me to use to display at shows and promote our artful endeavors.  I will send him flies and he will do something similar for shows in his area by displaying flies with his carvings should he be inspired.

When I receive the box of carvings in a couple of days I will post pictures.  I’m so excited I can’t wait!

His work is beautiful and reasonably priced.  Jim Wiley’s face book page is at https://www.facebook.com/wileytrout/

or his website can be seen at http://wileytrout.com/



Flies tied by Selene Dumaine

Please enjoy viewing this gallery of flies that I have tied.  Some are original patterns that I have created and some are Carrie Stevens patterns that I have recreated.  I tied many of the streamers in my hands without a vise, but for some of the other more practical patterns I use a vise for as they are fishing flies such as the Sure Bet and the Hexamongous.

Click on the contacts link if you would like to place an order for any of these flies.

Dwane’s Dun-a commissioned fly to commemorate friend Dwane Hebert’s retirement after working for the State of Maine.  Every component of this fly has a link to a fishing or hunting experience that was had over the years at Dwane’s camp in Beddington, Maine from the red fox that was shot under his camp to the partridge feathers used for the cheek.  Peacock is just peacock though, they don’t grow those up there in the Downeast. 
Gray Ghost– originated by Carrie Stevens, tied by Selene Dumaine



top; Embden Fancy, Middle; Don’s Special, Bottom; Firefly-Carrie Stevens pattern tied by Selene Dumaine


Black Cat – Carrie Stevens pattern tied by Selene Dumaine
Allie’s Delight– Carrie Stevens pattern tied by Selene Dumaine
Chief– Carrie Stevens pattern tied by Selene Dumaine



Don’s Legacy– originated and tied by Selene Dumaine
Burnt Blonde Bamboo– originated and tied by Selene Dumaine ~Commissioned by Kelly Baker
Mosquito Ghost- originated and tied by Selene Dumaine~ published on Streamers 365
originated by Carrie Stevens, tied by Selene Dumaine
originated by Carrie Stevens, tied by Selene Dumaine
Sure Bet- originated and tied by Selene Dumaine
Jordan’s Legacy-originated and tied by Selene Dumaine~commissioned by Dan Hilliard 2017
I-Selene-opod– originated and tied by Selene Dumaine
Hexamongous- originated and tied by Selene Dumaine- Photo by John Ewing/staff photographer… Thursday, March 10, 2011…Selene Dumaine has built a reputation as one of Maine’s great fly tiers. Dumaine’s original pattern, the Hexamongus, is intended to imitate the emerging phase of a Hexagenia mayfly seen preserved in the glass vial.
Middle streamer is an Orono Ghost– originated and tied by Selene Dumaine~commissioned by Bill and Gari Bayreuther
Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 3.46.40 PM
Yet to be named


Women’s Fly Fishing School – July 5-9 @ Weatherby’s of Grand Lake Stream

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.18.12 AM.png

Fly Fishing School for Women

I’m Teaching!

Weatherby’s Lodge offers both 2 and 3-day women’s only fly fishing school taught by women instructors. The lodge is within walking distance of Grand Lake Stream, renowned for its landlocked salmon fishing, spectacular wading and scenic beauty. Whether you are a beginner or experienced fly angler, the school will help you to fish confidently on your own or with one of your new fly fishing “buddies.” Highlights of the course will include: instruction in casting; reading the water; knot tying; equipment selection; fly tying; wading and safety. You will have plenty of on-stream time with your instructor as well as time to fish on your own. The small class size gives us the flexibility to address the individual needs and interests of the participants.

Our schools vary in length from either three or four nights and the cost of the school includes lodging, all meals, all instruction, and equipment use including waders and rods. We will provide a 20% discount on ORVIS equipment purchased during your stay.  Tax not included.

Women’s School: July 5-9, 2018

$1495 per person *Price does not include tax but does include gratuity on food and lodging       877-796-5558|info@weatherbys.com

Diane Michelin is a Canadian artist that specializes in Angling art.  We collaborated years ago on a project that involved my boat, “Ketcham”  that she painted as seen above.  I created three unique flies and mount them with the print.  Flies to be posted soon.  The unframed print and three flies costs $150.  Contact Selene to purchase.  (Flies to be posted soon.)

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